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The Bigstone Cree Nation Education Authority Post Secondary Education Student Sponsorship program offers Educational Funding to those students attending an accredited Post Secondary Institution, either on a Full-time or Part-time basis.

Programs must be at least 8 months in length with a minimum entrance requirement of grade 12. Funding is also available for university and college preparation (UCEP) for individuals falling sort on entrance requirements.

The student must belong to the Bigstone Cree Nation, in accordance with the Indian Act of Canada or Bill C-31 status.


Are there limitations to Post Secondary Education sponsorship?

Because of limited funds allocated to us from Indian Affairs for post secondary education, not every one that applies gets funding. Therefore, policies have been established to provide fair opportunity to as many potential students to access this funding. Policies include the following:

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants/Recipients are required to demonstrate/provide proof of eligibility.

To be eligible for sponsorship with BCNEA, applicants must:

  • Be a member of Bigstone Cree Nation for a minimum of 12 Consecutive Months – Letter of proof required;
  • Have been accepted into a BCNEA/AANDC approved post-secondary institution;
  • Program must be a minimum of 1 year in length (i.e.: 8 months);
  • Letter of decline from BCN ASETS or other funding agency required to be eligible for sponsorship for a Certificate Program.

Program must fall within the following levels of sponsorship {See Section 7.0};

  • Level 1 ~ Certificate or Diploma
  • Level 2 ~ Degree
  • Level 3 ~ Post Diploma/Degree OR Masters
  • Level 4 ~ Doctorate (PhD)

Complete Application package with supporting documents must be submitted before each Intake deadline {see Section 3.3.}
Financial budget (Tuition/Books/Supplies/Travel/Training Allowance) cannot exceed allowable amount for applicant.

  • Priority #1 Continuing student
  • Priority #2 New Student
  • Priority #3 Returning Student (after break in studies)
  • Priority #4 UCEP (Pre-Tech.)
  • Priority #5 Probation (returning after suspension)

Levels of sponsorship available to Bigstone Cree Nation members:

  • Level 1 - Certificate/Diploma programs (16 months)
  • Level 2 - Degree Programs (32 months)
  • Level 3 - Post Diploma/Degree or Masters (24 months)
  • Level 4 - Phd/Doctorate  (20 months)
  • UCEP - Academic Upgrading (10 months)

What is covered by the Post Secondary Sponsorship program?

  • Training Allowance for fulltime students.
  • All tuition, books, supplies and other related fees pertaining to program requirements.
  • Tuition and books only for part-time students.
  • Tutoring fees.

What fees are not covered by the BCNEA's Post Secondary program?

  • Personal items and services not crucial to course requirements.
  • Personal liabilities, bill repayments, loans, or other financial debts.Students are encouraged to assess their personal financial status before committing to full time education.
  • Fees for Health and Dental plans offered by colleges and universities.
  • Computers, computer equipment, software and supplies.

How do I apply for sponsorship?

Simply follow the steps outlined in your application package:

  1. Obtain letter of acceptance from college or university.
  2. Prepare a letter of intent. This is your commitment in pursuing a career of your choice and to outline your career path.
  3. Fill out your application for funding and include all necessary documentation.
  4. Contact Post-secondary Education Counselor for more information or if you need some assistance with your application.
  5. Deadline for applications is June 15th, to apply for a full academic year starting September. A sponsorship budget for the year is set at this time. All other applications after this date are considered on the availability of funds.


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