P.O. Box 429

Wabasca, AB T0G2K0

Phone: (780) 891-2677
Fax: (780) 891-2658

Mission Statement

BOSS is committed to developing safe and effective employees to serve local industry. BOSS believes that people are the most important resource and that through meaningful employment  they can and will enhance the quality of life for all society. BOSS also understands that when people gain experience and education, they become a more valued part of the workforce. For those reasons, BOSS is dedicated to maximizing the employment and learning opportunities of all its employees.

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A Little History

"BOSS" is the acronym for Bigstone Oilfield Services and Supplies - a Bigstone Cree Nation owned company incorporated in 2007. Its focus is on training and employing BCN members. Its vision is to be the first choice provider of a safe, competent and fully trained workforce in the oilfield industry  in the Wabasca area. Moreover, after ten years this vision continues to be a reality as witnessed by the following facts:

  • Three members of the senior management team are BCN members.

  • During the winter of 2016-17 BOSS employed 120 workers, 90% of which were BCN members.

  • On a yearly basis BOSS employs about 100 BCN members.


  • Tidewater Midstream

  • Ledcor 

  • TransCanada


  • Deltastream Energy

  • Spur Petroleum

  • Husky

  • ATCO Electric

  • Royal Camp

  • Cenovus

  • and CNRL

Divisions of B.O.S.S.

· Operations

· Maintenance


· Heavy Equipment


· Welding


· Pipefitting


· Medical Services


· and Forestry 

BOSS also employs a Journeyman Automotive Mechanic and an apprentice Mechanic, As well as Journeyman Heavy-Duty Mechanic. All of which are members of Bigstone Cree Nation.

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Larry Cardinal

General Manager


Travis Gullion

Safety Officer  / N.C.S.O.


Jonathon Gladue

QA / QC Manager


Ken Cardinal

Equipment Operations Manager


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