P.O. Box 960

Wabasca, AB T0G2K0

Phone: (780) 891-3836
Fax: (780) 891-3942

Our Vision and Our Goals

We are a team committed to family togetherness through safe, stable and nurturing approach encouraging holistic & Community Wellness

Child: to promote & provide for the child's need for safety, protection, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Family: to promote & support family unity & wellness; establish & maintain a positive working rapport with families;

Community: to encourage community involvement; to educate the community about our program; to establish & maintain a positive working rapport with community involvement.

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About Us

Bigstone Cree Social Services was incorporated on October 9, 1992.

We are governed by a seven person Board of Directors.

The Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act is the legal authority for Bigstone Cree Nation Child and Family services. Staff are trained to incorporate this legislation when working with clientele.

Bigstone Cree Nation Child & Family Services provides services on reserves only.

What We Are About

  1. How do I become a foster parent?
    Contact a Kinship worker and request a kinship package.

  2. Do I need to be Treaty to become a foster parent?
    This is a myth, you do not have to be treaty or live on reserve to become a kinship/foster parent.

  3. When children are apprehended, where do they go?
    Children are placed into an emergency kinship homes.

  4. If someone reports me, what happens?
    An assessor will go out and investigate the home, he/she will complete and assessment and determine whether the child(ren) are safe and how we can help the family.

  5. Do you do Child & Youth Information Module (CYIM) checks?
    If you are over 18 years old and live on reserve, we can provide a CYIM check.

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Interim Director

Lena Nanooch


Case Manager

Connie Capot

Family Ties Liaison

Jeanette Brertton

File Records/Management Clerk

Angela Auger

Permancey Specialist

Alissa Laboucan

Case Worker

Shannon Alook

Case Worker

Norma Gambler

Case Worker

Sirae Young


Sherry Cardinal

Family Enhancement Worker

Savannah Young

Assessment Supervisor

Rosemary Nipshank


Jane Carlson



Marina Nanemahoo

Intake Worker

Carrie Okemow

Kindship Care Advocate

Kristy Janvier

Kindship Care Advocate

Rosemaire Dor

Family Support Services

Data Clerk/Reception

Tamara Gladue

Youth Worker

Gabrielle Gladue

Finance Administrator

Freda Gladue

Junior Finance Clerk

Paulette Auger


Matilda Beauregard 



Bernice Bigstone 



Jeanine Rathbone


Carl Gladue Administration

Saftey Officer

Robert Gullion

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Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Tel: 780-891-3836 

Fax: 780-891-3888
Toll Free: 1-800-268-6783