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Providing a safe and secure environment for women and children who are seeking a positive change in their lives.

P.O. Box 900

Wabasca, AB T0G2K0

Phone: (780) 891-3905
Fax: (780) 891-2591

Toll-Free: 1-877-891-5322

Crisis Line: (780) 891-3333


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Program Services

In-house programs are held weekly to:
· Promote independence and effective decision making.; enhance self-confidence by teaching the importance of self-care.
· Allows the mothers to access information in regards to family violence by teaching the cycle of abuse, resilience and effective decision making:
Sessions that are offered include:
· Self-Care/Self-Esteem
· Women’s Sharing Circle
· Mending Our Broken Hearts
· Anger Management, Rational Living
· Fem Power, Girl Power, 2B-Boys
· Sons/Daughters of Tradition
· Continuous educational awareness on: Legal Matters, Parenting, Addictions, FASD, etc.
· Off site programs include: Men’s Group and Elder Luncheon

Community Support Services

The Women’s Shelter added a new entity to their existing services.  Next to the Shelter and Second Stage Housing, there is the Community Support Services Building that includes:  two staff offices, a kitchen and large conference room.

Women and children who leave the Shelter are offered longer term services from our Community Support Worker to ensure they have the essential services needed to  continue along their journey toward lives free of violence.

The Community Support Worker and Family Support Worker deliver educational and awareness workshops, life skills support and guidance to all community members including:  Elders, Women, Men, Youth and children.

The Community Support Services staff acknowledge the importance of an addictions free lifestyle  by promoting health and wellness programs for the Shelter and the community at large.

Shelter Facilities

The Shelter has two levels. The ground floor has two offices, a family room, a large dining room, a kitchen, a pantry, and two full bathrooms. All the major entries to the Shelter are wheelchair accessible. The facility is fully-furnished to provide the basic living comforts to the women and children. The dining room can seat sixteen people and is equipped with the additional booster seats and high chairs.

The lower level has an office, a peace room, a play room, a donations room, a laundry room, and a storage room.

Second Stage Housing

We offer one-year accommodations to the women and children who want to make a permanent change for a better lifestyle. Women who have completed their twenty-one day stay in the Shelter have the option to move into one of the four self-contained units. Three houses have up to six bedrooms, two full baths including a laundry room and a full size basement. One unit is equipped for persons with disabilities and includes a wheel-chair accessible bathroom. The Shelter Residents and the Second Stage Housing tenants share a large playground and play ground toys.

Resident's Daily Routine

The women are encouraged to prepare meals and do household chores on a rotating basis.

The women are encouraged to follow the rules and guidelines of the Shelter.

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Our Motto

We give hope where there is despair.
We help to set goals when there are no plans.
We calm the spirit where there is abuse.
We listen when nobody hears.
We give confidence where there is no self-esteem.
We help you to help yourself.

Philosophy & Objectives

We believe in helping women and children understand the cycle of abuse. We believe in helping women and children learn effective ways of resolving abusive relationships.

To provide…

· A safe and secure accommodation to woman and children fleeing abuse.

· Food and basic needs.


· Emotional support, crisis counselling, referrals and information.


· Medical attention and emergency transportation.


· Care, support and coping strategies for children experiencing violence in their lives.


· Follow-up support.


· Confidential, 24-hour, 7 days a week service to in-house residents, and a crisis line service to non-residents.

We are a 24-hour seven-days a week facility. The property is fenced in and equipped with 24-hour security cameras and alarms linked to RCMP.

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Jennifer Gladue


Lead Worker

Crisis Intervention Worker(s)

Family Support Worker

Child Support Worker

Community Support Worker

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